Maggy Walton | Artist & Photographer

Rain, earthquake and other delights…

I went to sleep last night never imagining I would wake up to a 3.2 magnitude earthquake at 5:40 am. When I looked outside to survey damage, (there was none) I also noticed wet sidewalks and streets. It had rained. In August. In Napa. Seeing that there was no damage, I was instantly grateful for the rain we need so badly and for being spared a home full of broken wine glasses. I’m not certain which thought came first into my mind, but I am nonetheless very grateful. There is a slight bit of anxiety after experiencing the wake-up jolt, but the rest of the day was uneventfully busy with chatter at the coffee machine about who felt what when. Happy to be wet and a little anxious in Napa. Namaste. 20140805-184644-67604453.jpg

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