Maggy Walton | Artist & Photographer

Art Scarves

All scarves are one-of-a-kind, I do not reprint the images.

Pop the Cork

Why not wrap yourself in this collage of corks?


Blurred Vision

Sometimes a mistake turns into something fun and colorful!


Tie Dye Sunset

Bright blues, reds, oranges splattered across the sky while watching a Kailua-Kona sunset.



Pinot Noir Veraison

Lush shades of green and purple as the grapes start turning ripe.



Sunlit Palms

Bright and cheery scarf from a series of Hawaiian palm trees. Greens, blues, white.



Blue Shoreline

A walk along the beach, toes in the foam of crashing Pacific Ocean waves.



Mission Doors

Inspired by a love of California Missions.


SOLD Camelia Mosaic

Beautiful bright pink blossoms in our Napa Valley back yard, pink with some yellow.


SOLD Dandy Lion

One of my old black and white film photos is the inspiration for this scarf. Black, white, and bit of gray.



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