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44 years ago I thought she’d never be born. I was awaiting not just a baby, but a husband from a tour on a sub. We were living in Honolulu during the Vietnam war. U.S. Navy. My doctor appointment that morning revealed nothing special. When I returned to our apartment, alone, I was sad and tired. The phone rang. Mary wanted to know what the doctor said, “I’m pregnant!” I told her. Funny girl. Later that afternoon there was a knock on the door. When I opened it, there stood the missing person. He was home, surprise! I almost gave birth then. Two days later at my next doctor appointment, they said go home, pack your bag and come back to be induced. Ok. At 3pm the following afternoon, Shawn Carol arrived all wrinkly and red looking just like that man at my door two days before. In two days she turns 44. What happened to those 44 years? Oh, God, that’s another blog for another day. Happy Birthday Shawn, I love you more than I can say…but to the stars and back, is a good start. Love, Mom

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