Maggy Walton | Artist & Photographer

42 years ago . . .

I was bursting with my second pregnancy in a humid Honolulu summer that August morning. False labor had started a few days before, and my mother had arrived from Seattle the day before. For this birth, the husband was home from sea, and daughter number one was 27 months old and eager for a baby sister or brother. Our neighbors were over the evening of the 14th along with one of husband’s friends from the boat. The guys were playing cards while us girls chatted. Mother had fixed meatloaf, potatoes and green beans for dinner, and after eating I knew something was up. I mentioned I didn’t feel so good, and excitement and questions ensued. The telephone rang at some point and my sister back in Seattle, who was also pregnant with her second child, called to say she was in labor. Wow, so was I! We laughed – she was two weeks early and I was two weeks late. After a few hours of being uncomfortable, we kicked the friends and neighbors out, and we all tried to get some sleep. At 3am, I said to mother and husband, it’s time to go. Fast forward to 6:30am and a nurse comes into the labor room and announces, “your sister just delivered a 10lb baby girl!” Two and a half hours later, I delivered an 8.5lb baby girl we named Amy Louise. She was perfect in every sense of the word. 2,700 miles away Meghan Michelle was a little more than two hours old. The girl’s birth certificates are only 30 minutes apart due to the time zones. When we came home from the hospital, the older sister was ecstatic with joy. A baby sister! A few weeks later husband left for sea and mother stayed for another 6 weeks and helped me with the two girls. It was a time of wonder and growth for us all. A time I will never forget. Happy birthday Amy and Meghan. I love you.

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